Health & Safety Policy

Cubby’s Signs Ltd accept that the health, safety and welfare of its employees whilst at work is of paramount importance and are committed, through continual improvement via compliance with the principals of HASWA 1974 and HS (G) 65 within the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the Construct Design and Manage Regulations 2015 (CDM15) and its own Health & Safety Policy, to ensuring that this ranks equally alongside quality, speed of service, productivity and efficiency as a prime objective.

The company Cubby’s Signs Ltd, also fully accepts the responsibility for others who may be affected by our activities and will take steps to ensure that all obligations placed upon us by our statutory duties are complied with.

All personnel will be adequately trained, given all relevant information and supervised as necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that work activities are performed in a safe manner. Health and Safety consultation will be carried out using the direct method, with the assistance of the Managers, Supervisors and, where necessary, Appointed Health and Safety Adviser will be G J G Training Solutions 2013.

The duty to manage and monitor the safe systems of work adopted is accepted, this will be carried out by means of regular inspections, including those required by statute and audits. All monitoring will be recorded. A recognised reporting system for accidents and near misses is in place.

Competent persons will be appointed to assist in meeting those duties placed upon us by statute, where necessary this will include the provision of risk assessments and method statements, additionally we may employ specialist assistance from external organisations.

To carry out this policy successfully, all employees will co-operate to enable the company to comply with its statutory duties. The success of this policy requires the total commitment of all persons at all levels within the organisation. Every individual has a legal obligation to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for the safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions; this includes the need to comply fully with the requirements of all safe systems of work, risk assessments and method statements. The details of the organisation and arrangements for health and safety are set out in separate documents.

This policy will be monitored to ensure that its objectives are achieved. It will be reviewed regularly and revised as necessary, considering changes within the organisation and through updated or new legislative requirements.

Mr Brian Cuthbertson Company Director has responsibility for ensuring that this Safety Policy is implemented and for the effective monitoring of the safety management systems contained.

For a copy of our full Health & Safety policy, please get in touch.